July 28, 2021

Hot Take Time - Delta Edition

Hot Take Time - Delta Edition

It's easy to be pissed off at the unvaccinated and resent this return to indoor masking requirements. To be honest, I am pretty pissed off myself. But let's acknowledge the new science that has prompted this move.

Our first data showed that vaccinated people in addition to not getting as sick from COVID also did not transmit the disease as readily.With the Delta variant, new data suggests this is not the case. Even with the vaccine, you are just as likely to transmit the disease - and this variant is a bitch. It spreads faster than hot gossip at a slumber party.

While the science deniers can "fuck around and find out" for all I care, I would have a hard time sleeping at night if I was the vector that spread it to a child, a vulnerable person, or hell even a vaccinated person who got a breakout case of the disease. (which, with delta, is also much more likely).

We have been discussing this quite a bit here, and neither of us is looking forward to this next phase. We had two good months! We saw friends and family! We ate at a restaurant! Indoors and everything! But it may just be time to dial it back down a few notches. Let this country simmer down a bit. Do our part for those who can't (and yes, those who won't).

Stay healthy, friends.