January 3, 2022

Tap tap tap...

It's been a while since I've updated. Probably three months or so. When last we met, I was faced with some medical challenges that threw me for a loop or so. A lot of unknowns that made regular updates frustrating. But... new year,  new start, right?

My MRI showed nothing. So, no explanation for the hearing loss, dizziness, etc. Still dealing with it, but it has became manageable. I picked up a Neosensory wristband that claims to help with tinnitus (note to self: pronounced tin-it-iss, not tin-eye-tis). It takes daily 10 minute sessions of listening to phone generated tones while the wristband vibrates.  Despite making room and time for all the changes I have made in the past year, I regularly forgot to do it. I took the hint, and have put it down for now. I'll pick it back up when I am ready.

So, if 2020 was the year of the mind for me, and 2021 was the year of the body, what will 2021 be? Haven't quite figured that out yet.  I am extremely pleased with the progress I made last year. Tomorrow will be one year since I started measuring my stats, and they are fairly impressive:

Weight Lost: 50.2 pounds - Granted 2020, the pandemic, getting sober, intense therapy added weight to my already chubby figure, but I am really happy with this number.
Fat Percentage: 10.5% drop.
Muscle Mass: 10% increase.
Blood Pressure: Down to normal ranges.

I did this, as I described before, in a slow, sustained fashion, focused more on habits than on numbers. For the next two months, I am switching that up a bit. I am switching to a slow carb plan and eliminating fructose. It's basically 4 Hour Body. The plan resonated with how I organically found an eating plan. I'm just cutting out the oatmeal in the mornings and the fruit smoothies at lunch. It's an experiment that I hope pays off some dividends before our trip to Puerto Rico in February.

When I figure out what my focus will be this year, I'll let you know.