June 29, 2021

An Early Check-In

I'll have my monthly health check in later this week, but wanted to post a link to an article on Stoicism. Yeah, it's from Vice, so  caveat emptor, but it does bring up a good point.

It talks about how the ancient view of Stoicism has been transformed into Modern Stoicism, and from there Bro-icism and $toicism - stripped down and manipulated variants that cherry pick ideas to confirm a preselected bias.

It is helpful to remember that something that is powerful and useful can cut both ways. Disconnecting Stoicism from its messages of interconnectedness and virtuosness is like putting a gun in the hand of child.

What Happens When Modern Society Rebrands an Ancient Philosophy?
Everyone from Silicon Valley billionaires to self-help enthusiasts is repurposing Stoicism for our modern age, with results that are good, bad, and highly indifferent.